Lavallette Police

Department Information


Mission Statement


The mission of the Lavallette Police Department is to provide professional police service to the community in order to maintain order and protect life and property. Through effective training and leadership, Lavallette Police Officers will exemplify a high level of knowledge and competence while performing their duties. We will identify and solve problems by forming partnerships with the citizens of our community to enhance the quality of life for our citizens and visitors. 

With service to the community as our foundation, we as police officers are compelled by purpose to enhance the quality of existence, and investigate problems as well as occurrences.  Subsequently, we strive for solutions and a sense of security and privacy in our community.


Public trust is nurtured and cultivated by asserting ourselves
with the highest standards of performance and ethics.
“The Police are the community and the community are the police”




The Lavallette Police Department does more then just provide protection for the community.


We have co-sponsored teen dances at the tennis courts during the summer.

We have an active Drug Abuse Resistance Education program for Lavallette Elementary School Students run by Patrolman Frank White.

We are involved the the Municipal AllianceExternal Link program that funds recreational and educational projects for all ages. We also have a program in place for the seniors citizens that incorporates a daily phone check in to assure that citizens are not in need of help, which has aided many of Lavallette's older residents who have required assistance.


The Lavallette Police Department currently has a mix of police patrol vehicles, 4x4 patrol vehicles, a chief vehicle, a D.A.R.E. Car, all terrain vehicles, and jet ski's so we can patrol the roads, beaches, and bay front effectively.